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I have decided to start a blog, a guitar diary if you will, of my progress as a guitar player from being a TOTAL beginner to hopefully a legit musician. I will be posting every song that I learn through video, discussing troubles that I am sure will encounter, and of course talking about music in general.


So far so good - I’ve been sticking to my schedule. It’s been a bit rough, there has definitely been times (like last night) where I just wanted to go to bed. So I stuck with the old compromise. If I could at least get through the technical part like the pentatonic/diatonic/major scales and whatever intervals/octaves/chords/notes I need to practice, then I could call it an early night and not go over the fun stuff like practicing covers or working on originals. This, of course, is all on purpose so if I really want to work on a song, then I will but the technical work needs to be done first.

Muscle Memory

I love muscle memory. Last night I was going through my practice schedule, and I was annoyed at myself for letting go of major scales. I use to practice it all the time, and it was pure hell getting to that point of true knowledge. At one point I was able to go up and down the neck with no problems, reciting the major scales with little hesitation. Well it turns out that I haven’t forgotten. Even with the flats which I thought were always a bit  more challenging. So thank you muscle memory. I haven’t forgotten at all.

Only a bad musician blames their instrument

—My music teacher, when I said I couldn’t play because my recorder was broken. It was literally in two pieces. (via pandyssian)

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