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I have decided to start a blog, a guitar diary if you will, of my progress as a guitar player from being a TOTAL beginner to hopefully a legit musician. I will be posting every song that I learn through video, discussing troubles that I am sure will encounter, and of course talking about music in general.

From Head to Guitar

Nothing is more frustrating than trying to transpose music from your head to guitar. I have this riff in my head that goes along really well to this song I’ve written, but I just can’t seem to find it on the fretboard. Tonight I made some progress but not much. I researched what others were saying on the internet, and it wasn’t helpful at all. I did manage to at least get the first few notes down and use a pull off. I guess it’s just one of those things that I need to practice. If anyone has any advice, I’m all ears.

Nice Thought

The people at my work asked me if I was going to join them at happy hour and I said no - I had to go move all of the equipment out of our practice space since the room didn’t work out. The girl I worked with asked me why and I told her - our third space-mate is having money issues, and it just wasn’t going to work. I ended up stopping by to grab dinner while they drank and that’s when they told me: they want to sponsor the room (hahaha).

They were offering to pay the third space-mate’s part. Their only stipulation was that they could drop by whenever they wanted to hear us play and drink beer. Of course I said no. It was a really nice thought, but that would never work. The practice space is a time to work - not party. Also, I highly doubt they would like any of the music, and knowing them they would throw in their two cents every chance they got. Nope, I’m snipping that in the bud. But it was a nice thought.

CAGED System

I just schooled myself on the CAGED system. I’m surprised I understand, seeing that the last time I attempted to learn it I couldn’t grasp the concept. I think it’s because I’ve become more familiar with music theory, especially the major scales. It really helps - everything is somehow related. The cool thing about the CAGED system is that it takes five chords (C - A - G - E - D) and moves each chord up the fret board in closed positions making more chords.

You can learn the system yourself with these helpful websites: here and here.